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Zhangjiagang :
Jiyang Lake Ecological Park

Jiyang Lake Ecological Park is located in southern Zhangjiagang. It covers a total area of 4.41 sq km, of which Jiyang Lake makes up about 40 percent.

The park, designed by American Hill Co, showcases the local government's efforts to protect the environment. It integrates nine sectors, namely, real estate development, amusement word, Jiyang Lake Park, Beach, Luozhou Island, Jinghu Ecological Park, Wetland Park, Commercial Zone and Canal Area.

All visitors to the park appreciate the water and the environment. As some foreign tourists have said, “Watching the water brightens eyes; drinking the water lengthen life.”

Address: Southern Zhangjiagang

Phone: 86(512)35023000, 4008500388

Opening time: 08:00-21:00

Ticket: 80 yuan per person

Self-driving tour: Wuxi-Zhangjiagang Highway → Zhangjiagang Exit → Jingang Avenue → Jiyang Lake Ecological Park

Buses: No 2, No 9, No 21 or No 212