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Investment costs

Most investors care about the investment costs.

Project name

Charging standard

Charging unit

License fee

Registration feebased on registered capital and assigned proportion 

0.8 percent for registered capital below 10 million yuan ($1.61 million), 0.4 percent for above (no more than 44,000 yuan)

 Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau

Duplicate copy fee

 10 yuan/book

Enterprise code card and IC card fees

 148 yuan

Technical Supervision Bureau

■ Standards for water, electricity, gas and communication fees


Charging standard

Charging unit


Industrial consumption base price

 3.10 yuan/T

Drainage corporation


Electricity for general industry and commerce

 0.8 yuan/kWh 

Electric power distribution company


Industrial gas

 3.06 yuan/M3

Gas company


Installation fees for fixed-line telephones and broadband access

 308 yuan/set

Telecommunications Bureau

■ Construction Cost

The concrete cost depends on materials and structure of housing construction, 500 to 1,200 yuan per square meter in general.

■ Labor Cost

The wage level of foreign invested enterprises should be in accordance with wage guidelines proclaimed by local government and confirmed by collective bargaining. The lowest wage during legal working hours should not be lower than the local minimum wage standard.