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Zhangjiagang :
Rich culture

Zhangjiagang has 37 city-level and three provincial-level cultural protection sites: Xiangshan Soldier Shelter, Tianzhuang Residence for the Second Palace Examination and Dongshan Village Site. The city’s Heyang Folk Song, Heyang Treasure Scroll and Shaozhou Whistle Kite are listed in the intangible cultural heritage masterpiece catalog of Suzhou.

In addition to promoting local folk culture, Zhangjiagang also energizes the whole Yangtze River Basin with Yangtze culture. Each autumn, it holds an activity themed on the Yangtze River. After a series of themed activities, the country’s first Museum of Yangtze River Culture was set up. The museum includes a collection of operas, folk art and natural scenery in the river basin as well as books, paintings and photos about the history, culture and architecture of the river.